In the maths mastery style, based on evidence from Shanghai and Singapore, students investigate problems and communicate their thoughts clearly to others using accurate mathematical language. The Arts us to make sense of the world; they are exciting, controversial, always topical. Our aim is to develop each student’s ability to work creatively and cooperatively as a member of a group, exploring and developing ideas to produce interesting and original drama. We recognise the importance of creativity and believe that art is both cathartic and helpful in developing a student's individuality. All these abilities allow students to prepare to meet the complex challenges of modern society. Few subjects have been as important to the development of the society we live in today and the things we rely on and take for granted. We equip students with the skills to question events, people and the past. At GSCE, all students will take English Language and English Literature. Find out how Northwood School rates compared to other primary schools in Hillingdon with our school ratings. The academic program at Northwood School is designed to encourage each student's personal growth with an emphasis on critical thinking, creative problem solving, and analytical skills. We also work within our local community and help to support local enterprise. TUESDAY 27 JUNE 2017. Our name comes from the Education Act, which states that parents are responsible for their children's education, ‘either by regular attendance at school or otherwise’ and we work to raise public awareness of the fact that education is compulsory, but school is not. Work in the classroom is supported by field trips enabling students to witness and experience, first-hand, the significance of geography in the real world. Local authority: Hillingdon. We introduce students to different faiths and belief systems by looking at religious texts and examining their practices and ethics. From Year 10, working towards their GCSE, students will develop an understanding of materials, structures, electronics, textiles, and mechanisms. From the day they join, students gain an appreciation of how computers work and develop hands on experience of exciting topics such as image-editing, electronics, and robotics. With a problem-solving approach to our lessons, students learn to analyse and develop effective solutions using languages such as Python and Swift. We live in a world built on maths. In their study of geography, students are guided to understand the world around them and their place in it. Further details will follow shortly. Again, easily commutable from Northwood. We provide a safe and supportive environment for blind and partially sighted children with significant learning difficulties and disabilities to … A co-educational school for ages 11 to 16, Modern Foreign Languages (French & Spanish), Science: either Triple Award (ie separate papers in Physics, Chemistry and Biology) or Double Award (ie two papers). Our aim is to ensure that students understand the importance of questioning and investigating evidence, and to give them the confidence to form and justify their own opinions. From Year 7 to 9, TPR is studied as part of our thematic unit. Students are encouraged to study an instrument with our visiting music teachers, but all students learn music theory, composition, and evaluation. Music is studied at Northwood Senior to imbue a love of and appreciation for a wide range of musical styles. Independent schools frequently offer IGCSEs or other qualifications alongside or as an alternative to GCSE.