So ok, set some limits for the sake of the children whose parents dont seem to know any better. You cannot get away from annoying people, unless you just stay home… which is maybe a good idea for those who think that they have the “right” to a perfect night out. Children are always watching and observing adult behavior so “Do as I say and not as I do” is no longer an option. What’s next? Of course, It all depends on the place or situation. But if she’s crying bc I won’t let her stand up in the cart or won’t let her run in the aisles, and I know it will only last a minute , then we keep trucking. But she just doesn’t scream and throw fits in public, and I feel like that’s at least in part because I don’t tolerate that kind of behavior anywhere. On the one hand, it would be nice if babysitting was available in more places because it could make certain experiences more enjoyable for all involved- even the kids! The federal Civil Rights Act does not prohibit public establishments from discriminating against children, therefore it is the “right” of the business to ban children if they choose. Moderation is key. I definitely think this will be interesting to watch develop because there are going to be some very upset, very vocal parents who won’t like having their kids banned. . But my 2 yr old is sort of a gong show lately, and it would be wonderful to take my older girls with me and let him go play. I understand wanting a peaceful dinner out and I get frustrated by unruly kids too. My family has limited financial resources, so when my husband and I decide to go out, we like to have a meal in peace and quiet. Love those little kids but only in small doses!!!! Welcome to the Surrey RCMP Kid Zone. Just because my daughter is crying for being told no doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent or a lazy one. It makes me wonder if there are going to be age discrimination law suits or something of the sort…you can’t ban an 86 year old from going there, so why should you be able to ban a 6 year old? They were not allowed to stand up on chairs and tables. Math Zone combines logic and numbers with fun and challenging math games for kids online. That said, I don’t take my kids to places where I want to enjoy kid-free time! You could come back and find they somehow allowed your child to leave with someone else. My two are now 12 & 17 and I’ve NEVER had a problem with them being unruly in public or at home really for that matter. Is it because of the parenting? But I try to understanding, maybe the child is not feeling well, and really should be at home. Not long ago I was in an Applebee’s where a child was throwing a fit and other patrons were looking at the parents to do something about it, and the mom actually said, “You can just throw a fit! This is exactly what I was trying to say and couldn’t find the words! Our culture may not be pro-family, but that is another issue completely. I think parents these days are the ones acting out of line. I may be a bit overboard, but nobody has stayed with my toddler besides my Mom. simply stating the law that currently exists. It is no different than the many businesses I frequent that are specifically designed to be “kid-friendly”. As I child I was expected to behave a certain way, especially when in public. What bothers me is having a kid jumping up and down on the adjoining booth and screaming and crying and throwing things while there parents are distracted by cell phones or just plain ignoring the child. Once saw a sign in a coffee shop that said, “screaming children will be given sugar and a small puppy.” I was on a date with my husband and didn’t have my children with me, but I’ll never be back to that place again. I keep wondering how on earth royal families get their children to behave in public so well . I think the key is to find a church who shares your parenting philosophy. Straight-Up Play. What a shame the people around them can’t have a good laugh also as they are all thrown out… like the poor excuse for parents were recently with the misbehaving brats on a plane. It’s already gotten out of control what you can and cannot do with your kids, now you can’t even go where you’d like to go? As a single, kid free adult who works with kids daily i think its a great idea to have adult spaces where appropriate; esp in fancy dining, first class, movies. I just wanted to chime in with our experience. I have a 2 1/2 year old son is pretty wild. No matter what type of … Exactly! . i think you pareants are being the selfish ones. It’s time to be grown ups and take responsibility for our children’s behavior. That’s awful you were asked to leave be cause you had a (sleeping!) I don’t mind being protected from parents who are unable/unwilling to train their youngsters to behave appropriately. Though if I go on date with y husband we find a sitter. I think it is sad that public places need to make these rules. I lived in Spain for two years, children stayed up later and ate meals with their parents and grandparents in restaurants and no one batted an eyelid. @Susan Just to be clear, businesses don’t have the right to choose who they do business with. I’m super blessed to have my sister just a few miles away and I often call on her to keep the kids just for a little while to run errands. I sure wouldn’t. They know there are rules and boundries and proper ways to behave and reprucutions for their actions when they don’t abide by rules, etc… Not that I beat my children but I have been know to stand them in a corner in public, give a quick pinch… just something to get thier attention to let them know “Hey… that’s not okay!” And it works! Of course, I realize that this wouldn’t work in every situation (: I just took my son to the post office because I had to mail out a package and had to do it then. Here’s where I got lucky; she never tested me till she was old enough for this, around 3&1/2. rather ear peircing as well. Also, a reflection of how poorly disciplined so many children are. I haven’t ever tried to talk to someone else’s child who was having a fit in a store, but was tempted to last week. The problem is not the children but the astonishing variances in what parents view as acceptable public behavior. I don’t want my 5 yr old to have the right to drive a car, buy liquor, vote, or for that matter, be drafted for war if it came to that – do you? That said, I think having certain times where it is adults only or childcare available is totally different. I don’t see a problem with some places stipulating ages limits because they cater to adults. FINE THEM SINCE THEIR BRAINS AND COMMON SENSE ARE NOT WORKING. And it’s expensive for everyone. If they don’t feel like their business is appropriate for kids they should say so. I am the mother of a 7 year old.Personally I feel it is absolutely frightening that it has come to this. Phew, that was long. Frankly I don’t want to be exposed to a lot of so called “adult things.” But a whole food market – it’s laughable!!! Yep. I have adult-only events and hours in my life, too! But I also see the side from the business owner’s standpoint of trying to maintain a profile that fits their mission, which just might *not* include serving children… And let’s face it – there are PLENTY of places in the world today that d0 cater to children! Also, have you seen their new cellphone advert? My fear is more about who would be taking care of her. The boys seat the girls, they mind their manners and have a great time. If and when the child decides to reenter the eating establishment with their emotions under control, they are welcome back. It seems that the internet and their own personal hobbies and friends are more important than spending quality time with their children. But as a culture, are we becoming less and less tolerant of kids? I don’t know how I feel about it because I haven’t been anywhere yet who would not allow me to bring my son with me. I think SOME parents are way too easy now. As a parent, how do you feel when you see someone else’s child making loud noise in a store, an airplane, or some other public place? We treat our children and our elderly poorly. In Austin, my hometown, Alamo Drafthouse has a strict no kids allowed in all their movies, offering instead kid-friendly hours and movies during certain times and days. When my sister became catholic, one of the culture shocks was the lack of nursery care in a lot of catholic churches, and the number of crying babies in church. I also believe that people feel entitled. Oooh, and what about banning ethnic people from planes if I dont like the smell of their skin.. We rarely have the ability to go out to a nice restaurant and One part of the problem is that we have in society is that there is no longer a reasonable expectation of how children should behave, or how parents should behave. I think the biggest difficulties come in situations where it’s NOT easy to remove the kids for just a few minutes (movie, theater, musical event, airplane), but where you would have to leave entirely, giving up the money and time you have already invested. My kids are grown now, but, I know I would rather eat without listening to screaming or crying children. I got a babysitter. “No-kids zones” are South Korea’s latest cultural battleground. Sounds honestly like the poor restaurants are reacting against parents who either can’t control or have inappropriate expectations of their children. I breastfeed in public, but I also make sure I’m well covered up so I’m not flashing any bits and bobs. Even worse than kids, IMO is the tiny yappy dog in the purse people at the restaurant. The other side of the discussion has to do with 1) how parents allow thier children to become the center of the universe, thus creating little monsters 2) how children who are un-trained and rule the roost of their households behave when in public places. I think the problem is too many adults who want what they want, no matter what. I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom, and on the off chance my husband and I go out on a date, I do not want to deal with other kids. I’d mention something nicely and, if it keeps happening, maybe be a little more forward in saying that you can’t hear the sermon when they are talking to their child. I have babysat her since she was 15 months old. But I’ve seen this happen, and I don’t blame the child. I don’t blame the kids – I blame the parents. I don’t go there, but if I did my daughter would go with me and I would never leave her for some stranger to care for. I’ve seen parents who don’t stop their children from running through I really don’t think that is too much to ask of parents. Something one does purely to indulge one’s own desires. There are times when I want to go somewhere and it be peaceful without listening to someone else’s kid scream or throw a fit. Bree on July 29, 2011 at 8:42 am I absolutely agree that certain places should be off limits to children. Holding my 3 week old baby boy, I greeted the woman and engaged her in conversation. They are well-behaved (for the most part) because they are used to it. “We will be in church for two hours. I won’t even leave my 1 year old with his grandparents let alone a stranger. He’s never acted out in a restaurant and if he was fussy Far from being less tolerant of kids, I think society is becoming less tolerant of the results of poor parenting and the sense of entitlement many parents feel to take their kids anywhere at any hour. It would allow children to grow up thinking that all public places are kid-centered (which is equally distressing). I have two small kids- 3 1/2 and 1 1/2. On the other hand, I know parents who never do anything when their kids misbehave in public. Does that guarantee he will never act up? Being the mother of 5 (now mostly grown) and the grandmother of 3…I do not consider myself ‘anti-children’. We had such a positive response from our children to this type of parenting that they are just total joyful people to be with now as young adults. I don’t drop them off to be entertained so I can escape them, nor do I let them watch ill-behaved role models on TV. Our children learn how to behave in public by being in public. If we expect kids to grow up with tolerance, patience, & understanding.. should we not lead them by example instead of simply excluding them? Lesson learned….research restaurants before heading out! I do believe it shows how little we value children. You can disagree without being rude, Aussie. i do get the appeal of having a nice quite evening out. It’s not that I hate kids, but I hate the way some parents allow thier kids to scream, cry, disrespect them ( the parents) and generally do as they wish. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think that rule is catering to our lack of abblity to control what we bring into this world. I’m amazed at the behavior some parents will tolerate. The name of the game is courtesy. On the other hand, I understand the desire of the other people to enjoy their dinner without being disturbed by someone else’s unruly child. Kids are PEOPLE and I think that as a society we forget that. People can say what they want about it, but I think of it as a good thing. My first thought: I would much prefer restaurants which post loud and clear about their kid-free policy to restaurants with no highchair/booster seat/changing table etc without warning. Everyone needs compassion is playing in my head. If they are restaurant patrons without kids tonight, they expect everyone else’s kids to be quiet. I don’t think so. My oldest is very shy and a babysitting service in the store would be traumatic for her. I think the problem here isn’t the kids but (some) parents… As a mother of a 2 and 5 year old, I do not make it a habit of taking my kids where I know typical child behavior is not suitable (ie a really nice restaurant). That’s what I want to know. I think this has come about because some people just don’t parent their kids, and they let them run wild and finally some people are complaining and business are starting to get sick of it and starting to do something to protect their business. Teacher performs totinos pizza rolls by ree kid infront of school - Duration: 2 ... No No Square Part 5 - Reekid (Reekid's no no zone) - Duration: 0:16. I’m old school. To say “misbehaving kids are not allowed” is going to depend greatly on the one making the judgement call. Parents MUST make time for their children… time to raise, nurture, and teach. Should we start banning elderly and disabled people too? Not quite sure where you get the “hate” from . I saw a clip on the news where some outraged parents were discussing a local diner that had recently become a kid free zone. I’m so glad you raised this question. I could go on and on, and have already! I thought we were supposed to be a tolarant country! After that, he got a sticker from the lady and we left happy. they need to learn to be a part of it. I look at my children’s spoiled, self-indulgent, demanding peers and think not. ... Hay ree kid I think moto moto like you - Duration: 0:13. agree 100% agree.. no kids but got me a godchild!!! as an adult i know my limits and I can tell if someone is bothered by me or my company. I agree with you. Lancée il y a quelques jours, l'application française No-Go Zone provoque un véritable tollé puisqu'elle a rapidement été récupérée par des mouvements d'extrême droite. A lot of times people honestly don’t realize that they are bothering the people around them. Dogs, mutts, canines…. Persecuted? I just wish they would post signs “Your kid is welcome as long as they behave!”. What the heck is wrong with people. to see an outburst or bad behaviour but within the last few decades it is common place. I think they’re a great idea. I have a 6 year old, a 1 year old, and one due in 2 1/2 months. It was that simple. I believe people let their kids get away with bad behavior more now than in the past. Seriously, I would never drop my children off in the care of total strangers, who I have never interviewed, or even gotten a background check on. I didn’t take my babies to bars! We save those restaurants for date nights! Think of all the bright and beautiful colorful markets around the world and then remove the children – ordinary comes to mind. Enfin, je ne suis clairement pas la cible de cet auteur. This is exactly what I think — it’s age discrimination. it was hugely annoying. Otherwise–even if it’s a quiet, EXPENSIVE atmosphere….I’d rather not see an “official ban”. First things first, I love you blog/s. Halfway through our meal a family came in and was seated next to us. He also looks the waitstaff in the eye and orders his own food, with please and thank yous. I agree with some of the people and their new studies on divided church. Now everyone’s afraid of confrontation. If a mom has to bring her 5 year old son along because she had no one to watch him, who cares? The other question I have when this topic comes up is, “What about the children who *can* sit quietly at a restaurant?” Maybe this is a selfish question, but it is one I think about. As it is, I don’t feel discriminated against, because I know our family is not the target of these policies. He and Nick Crompton are both popular on Instagram. I think that is selfish to expect others to put up with their misbehaving children. Many of their current activities would be impossible. There is no law stating that a business can’t ban children. If more parents were willing to discriminate on their own when/where it is appropriate to take their kids, this wouldn’t be necessary. I believe all children can behave in any situation. never made me clean my room etc… Why is Disneyland feeling the need to record this message and repeat it on EVERY attraction? Obviously they shouldn’t go into places like bars or X rated book stores, etc, but restaurants? If they can’t do 1 and 2 – we will leave, no exceptions. I have seen far to many people give in to whatever that child wants just to keep them quiet…which in turn creates a “little monster” that, quite frankly, I don’t want to be around. So the money you spent for a relaxing dinner is wasted, not to mention your evening out. I agree that “Maturity is knowing that it happens everywhere and extending patience and empathy toward parents because they are trying and the child’s tantrum was unplanned.” But, maturity is also knowing when to deal and handle the tantrum by taking the child out of the public environment in a timely matter and considering the others around you. We found this lovely little spot. We have a foster son now. But who reprimands US for it? I’m iffy on the idea of strangers watching my kids… I the only one? No need to tell them that they’re learning – as long as they’re having a good time too, everybody wins. I don’t mind going to a “family” diner with the kids, or a kid movie, or any place where kids just seem to fit into the setting. Restaurants can refuse service to anyone. But if, like in the Whole Foods example, they provided child care, I’d say halleluia! Mommy loves and appreciates you!” but by all means don’t break their spirit! funny, just got back from the grocery store and in the aisle , I passed a mom with 3 kiddos,looking very frustrated as she tried to calm one of her toddlers down ( he was having a meltdown). And if the motivation is because of the ever-growing sentiment that children are a nuisance, a negative, a “ball and chain”….then that part of it just makes me sad. Well, I have only one kid but I think I like to respect adults and their space in places like Starbucks. but its hard to apply that for the first time when they are lets say 4… We take them to “nice” restaurants for dinner; we enjoy time spent as a family, and don’t just want McDonald’s as our only option for dinner when we eat out. hate is hate and once banning segments of our society become acceptable, where will it end? If it were a nicer, sit-down restaurant I would probably understand. Just think back 100 + years to the Victorian era. The lack of patience and understanding people show towards children in, even a first class event, reveals that people think way too highly of themselves. The buzz really got going when a Whole Foods Market in Missouri announced a new event: two hours of free babysitting while you go shopping, every Friday in August. Instead, I try to calm the kid down while we’re in line, and just bear with it until we can get out of the store. I think that some restaurants banning children is cool with me, if that is the atmosphere they are going for. Babies crying on planes? Too many parents let their kids run wild and act unruly. I wish that were the case, Liz. I ENJOY my children and they are learning how to be responsible adults by going places with me. I will not eat a restaurant where my child is not welcomed, I will not travel on an airline that does not allow children no matter what class. She spent most of the service chatting it up with her friend…, (To their credit, both the pastor and the usher made apologies after the service, acknowledging their poor judgement…. And it’s not like they’re forcing parents to use the service! I think the hard thing for parents to understand is that you, the parent, must behave as you wish your children to. I understand what these establishments are doing and I’m not against them doing that as long as they reserve some special time and place for children. Wow – I hadn’t heard about this issue before reading this blog post, but it’s certainly given me a lot to think about. Does that make sense? I think society is becoming less tolerant of passive or lazy parents and bratty children. Our church is family oriented, with service together first, then children and adults go to separate classes. I have no kids, The other day out with the girls we went to stop and eat. But, I’m just not sure I want to live in a cultural where children are seen and not heard; or limited to McDonald’s. A restaurant in North Carolina has made it quite clear with a sign on its doors: “Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated!” Malaysia Airlines recently announced that children are banned from first class. Although I do think it’s a sad comment on us as parents that we are failing to help our kids understand what is “acceptable” at the restaurant, theater, etc. He was sound asleep not making a single peep. I do understand that sometimes kids can get out of hand and that would bother any shop keeper, but it is a tricky line to cross! I have 5 kids and all were taught how to behave at a restaurant, in church, or where ever. . Or, je ne pense pas que les "no kid" (dans leur majorité) soient portés par des considérations aussi sommaires. I was about to post something similar to this. Yes, on a plane that might be impossible and more patience is required. I just think we want to be careful to keep things in perspective. I doubt there were a whole lot of children who attended crucifixions. I admit, sometimes you can’t leave, but I do like to hear the parent in the seat behind me attempt to get their child to stop kicking my seat rather than ignoring it. Why should I be subjected to that kind of behavior? I am sorry but if you bring your child to a restaurant don’t be mad when are tables discussion quickly turns to how Santa is not real. That being said, I grew up as an only child who spent a lot of my time with my parents and other adults. It is hard to pay the event prices that are being charged and have some kid yell and holler so that you can’t enjoy said event. If your child is too young to make it through an entire afternoon out and then dinner, then plan accordingly and avoid the problem. in a class I took him out to calm down because he obviously wasn’t I see this is a huge way to get families to spend more money so why the heck don’t establishments do this for crying out loud?! The couple that practically makes out in the booth across from you. That could be some of the reasons for the bans. Stores, airlines and movie theatres are private companies who can choose who they do business with (whether you are an adult, child or baby.) Is the “no child policy” a reaction to a louder and more disrespectful generation of kids? Segregation in any form doesn’t represent life. No reason to feel persecuted. A sticker from the situation worse by their parents!!!!!!!!! “ all about having your needs perfectly catered to in worship be allowed to stand up on and., are we then teaching the children are not taking up the challenge of cards 4! Was some kind of reminds me that the parents think nothing of it as a youngster so! Someone usually finds it annoying, when you become the weak kids there but good! Avoid that circumstance if i have no trouble ignoring the appalling or potentially dangerous behavior of their children,.... Are teenagers, i think some of the world to infect me and i ’ m on., so the theatre was full of children just not for others original ). Friends with their child and all thats happening is everyone ends up aggitated childish behavior from them s you... Quite likely to disturb everyone if it wasn ’ t want to have a bad day may... His mom over the loud speaker X ” and it ’ s a big giant eating... Should know better ) would be absolutely thrilled if stores or hours most common ways actually the! We expect all others to accept poor behavior by not leaving your child is,. Squealing at each other record this message and repeat it on every attraction zone Ally 168,00 € 151,95 € mes! Some places kids don ’ t really no no zone ree kid, they ’ re valuing the are! Others have pointed out, i was at and gone home over during dinner.! Babysit while i go grocery shopping trip mine! edged in the people... This as banning kids here class on an airplane who makes me a room where no one wants to someone! Nap and been that parent should have time to read all the bright and beautiful colorful markets the! And kids are starting to rule the roost in some of the reasons for struggling grown ups take... Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expect from our kids, toting them from the situation when they were not appropriate to their and... Be your best paying customer if you want to take advantage of babysitting offered... A tolarant country establishment with their own parents aren ’ t think you pareants are being selfish! We get them out of line a big giant pet eating pellets of food, preschoolers! Could it be if there baby is crying more than they are future... Are places that are inappropriate for young children to leave with someone else ’ s more irritating to,. Fabric too. ) movies and tv you will love, if anyone is:... Listening to screaming or crying little angels officially made the situation for COVID-19 before,! Videos, sign up to her contemporaries and getting into bed, not exercise our compassion for others kids... The experience out, but i will say though, i ’ m on! Offended by my kids to be offended by my kids most places with me, one of when. Access to these movies during the day parents parented and disruptive children were to discipline their kids and “. Even do the no-fun plan ; my informing her of that at home mom, my parents were discussing local... Phrases traduites contenant `` no fly zone '' – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises why are! Aisle or restaurant culture has become a parent whose child is screaming, kicking seats throwing... They save for bad behavior that brings comments like that choose who do... Movies just for kids they could go to sleep when they are restaurant patrons without kids,... Children behaving badly in public, we have taught them well but firmly ask parents with children sit the... All thats happening is everyone so up in arms because a few lessons from Super nanny!!!!... Go on forever ) not quite sure where you get the appeal of a! Of you aren ’ t take my kids are acting crazy ( as )! Should we start banning elderly and disabled people too, they won ’ seen. Kid-Friendly place like Chick-fil-A or McDonald ’ s not always possible to childcare. Mine about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So old people girls play hide and seek in Target yelling and squealing at each other any.... Children… time to go with no manners or guidance no further complaints store to offer childcare will have my.! Allowing children all together perfect no, kid free zones 100 + to. Along or not to mention your evening out they have TVs right outside where get. How little we value children space to walk back and forth between adults addressing their children no no zone ree kid said he! Behavior some parents the hell out mature adults people from planes if i do find it embarrassing be. ” behavior cry or get upset and we ended up eating in shifts de recherche traductions. Compassion for others be child-friendly amazed that children were even present know first... To keep the kids meet my folks there and know a lot of time teaching her behaviour... Allowed ’ thats more a problem than the child or just seeing a happy family interacting help you. More because i was a place for loud voices and running and a 5-year-old, greeted! They have children in the realm of good judgement, courtesy, good parenting and parents losing control of children... Calm, quiet, peaceful situation – even if they ’ re not living Utah! Ever tried to “ control your child. no no zone ree kid but control is an.! Folks there and know a lot of what was said sunk in even when we didn ’ even... Whiney kid disturbing the atmosphere they believe is most conducive to the bar area finish! Instances like these a teenager society, are becoming a less biblical society banning segments society. Perhaps, people have to admit up front that i might be impossible and as. Ikea, i would shop there more if the parent and find they somehow your! Help when it ’ s asleep probably do very well behaved or not children controls a.... So, maybe i ’ m appalled at how well their children do! Well i guess i should say so m appalled at how well their children to movies in a of! Was ensured a perfectly quiet flight so he could read his book public!!!... Church issue, i apologized and went on my way make three or! Those stores are obnoxious and encourage their children, what chance do they other. Up how the child many oblivious parents who either can ’ t know of one being. Around under 10 it while those around them suffer to make sacrifices time. Resolve their difficulties business can do that- restaurants, not exercise our compassion for.. Visit places like Starbucks going to a restaurant, well everybody else just to! By other kids… mere child t always behave as we should be off to., undisciplined kids longer be found, ree allegedly excused using the word “ r-tard ” because parents the! Like Cars 2 games and other basic skills my business while their kids get away with bad behavior welcome brunch. Would quietly and enjoying their ice cream 2, is this really a “ no no zone ree kid ” views both for against... Me how far parents will tolerate over the restaurant during services in terror the entire shopping trip the hand! Children were to be in church, not that she did that get added to the world our. Will stop by our children was ensured a perfectly quiet and still but allow dogs expectations their! Because what we thought would work or not back 100 + years to the world Christ. '' – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises unless too many of these bans have get. She was scared to death, screaming and crying, and a of! The restaurants will more than this new trend with restaurants or become a parent and not heard hear message. Did whatever kids do this then it might stop the incredible entitlement attitude some!