This hunt begins in King Salmon. ... Peninsula guides, I make all of my brown bear hunts 16 days long – even if a few days of hunting are lost due to a storm there still remains ample time to harvest your trophy brown bear! Fully guided (1X1), 7-day hunts, 2-travel days. I was drawn for DB256 for the spring of 2011. Structure by elevation. We used lure to attract bears to … Fields/Bush: 40%. Trophy Brown Bear Hunt on the Alaska Peninsula – Exclusive-Use Guide Area! AK Peninsula – Brown Bear; Unimak Island – Brown Bear; Unimak Island – Wolf Hunts; Photos; Contact Us; Tim Heuker. Structure by landscape. This should be reflected by a reduction in average hide size. These Brown Bear average about 9 feet tall! Hunts are spot and stalk and require more patience than physical ability. 2017, 2019, etc.) Cusack has exclusive access to 92,000 acres of state land that produces some of the largest brown bear on the Alaska Peninsula. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has designated the Alaska Peninsula as a trophy bear hunting area for game management purposes. Black bear trophy fee: $3,500. 2021 Fall Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt: $26,000. Providing nonresident brown bear hunters in Unit 22 the opportunity to use drawing permits in spring 2021. These Brown Bear average about 9 feet tall! To accomplish this the seasons are restricted to fall seasons on odd years (i.e. I remember a guide that tracked a bear up a riverbed for a couple days because according to the size of his tracks the bear should have been a "monster". I still don't know how I really feel about the Peninsula hunt compared to Kodiak. About the Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear The brown bear is the largest land predator in North America, and perhaps that’s why we have a fascination with watching them. This outfitter’s huge hunting area consists of an exclusive Federal Refuge and Native Corporation Land – arguably the very best area in the state, in the entire world, to pursue this magnificent specimen. If you are looking for a high success Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunt with solid odds of locating a 10ft bear, this Unit 9 Brown Bear hunt may be the ticket. Structure by landscape. One study found that the average weight for a coastal male was around 408 kilograms (900 lb). The Alaska Department of Fish and Game manages this area as a trophy bear area. There's the off chance that your bear with a "smaller" head could have squared bigger than this bear. The State of Alaska carefully manages the Peninsula region and neighboring Kodiak Island for trophy quality, and most hunters are amazed at the size of some of the animals that come meandering along the shoreline. Our exclusive bear hunting area is approximately 550 square miles in size, over 352,000 acres. Mountains: 30%. Adults are usually between 90 and 110 cm at the shoulder. Plains: 40%. Call 1-800-346-8747. Unit 9 (the Alaska Peninsula) has the highest Bear density on the planet. 2021 Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt / Alaska, United States. If anybody has any experience or wisdom to share about that area, I'd appreciate it. The area supports an excellent bear population, with one of the highest cub survival rates anywhere in Alaska. Bob Cusack is one of Alaska's premier master hunting guides, specializing in brown and grizzly bear of exceptional size. Hills: 40% . Mountains: 20% . Agricultural lands: 20%. A successful Alaska hunting trip depends on having the right gear and planning your Alaska adventure 1-2 years out. Fall Brown Bears are only harvested on odd years (2019, 2021 ect.). The terrain in this area varies from beaches to river valleys to ridge top; providing a wide variety of hunt options and scenery. You will be spot-and-stalk or stand hunting primarily in the low country along the salmon fishing streams and rivers which will be full of returning sockeye and silver salmon. Request Info. The Board of Game is calling a Special Meeting Regarding Spring Bear Hunts - June 03, 2020, 1:00 p.m.. During the late 1980's, there have been I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good transporter out of Kodiak or Port Lions. Range: The brown bear of mainland Alaska, excluding the northwest panhandle, Kenai peninsula and the extreme southeast. Spring- May 10-25 . These bears are found in the Amur and Ussuri River regions of the Russian Far East, northeastern China, the Korean Peninsula and Japan. I ended up paying Cabot half the kill fee and still hunted the Peninsula. Forest: 40%. We will charter you, at no charge, to our main hunting area. Package price. To accomplish this, seasons have been restricted since 1976. The black grizzly or Ussuri brown bear (Ursus arctos lasiotus) is another big bear occasionally attaining a size greater than the Kamchatka brown bear. Located between Port Moller and Cold Bay on the Alaska Peninsula, this area has some of the best genetics and largest population for Brown Bear the state of Alaska has to offer. Tim “got it done” in the spring of 2010 on his quest to harvest an Alaskan Brown Bear. Bears from the interior are around two-thirds the size of the coastal and island bears of Alaska. The Alaska Peninsula’s season for brown bears is in the spring of even-numbered years and in the fall of odd-numbered years. The area includes over 100 miles of coastline on the Pacific coast. The Alaska Board of Game (board) has scheduled a special meeting for June 3, 2020 to consider two proposals to “help address the loss of spring bear hunting opportunity for residents and nonresidents due to the … In the Amur … Adult males typically weigh 135 to 390 kg, females 95 to 205 kg. Fields/Bush: 50%. It was an incredible trip, an awesome adventure, getting a bear was just the cherry on top. I was not out as much as the others which is some consolation I guess. In his 46 years of guiding, Bob has delivered a 98% success rate with bears averaging ten feet in size. This is a 10 or 15-day hunt for beautiful Brown Bear on the Alaskan Peninsula. The southern side of this peninsula contains mountains while the northern side is more flat and filled with marshland. 10-day 1×1 hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula in Unit 9. The Alaska Peninsula’s ideal coastal surroundings and fishing habitat provide an excellent environment in which Brown Bears reach their highest concentration and largest size. Territory size: 400 miles. Structure by elevation. Wolverine (Fall season only) trophy fee: $2,500. They usually measure 8 feet (2.4 m) in length, usually have a shoulder height of about 4-4-1/2 feet (1.2-1.4 m), and a hindfoot length of 11 in (28 cm). Brown Bear - 2024, Alaskan Peninsula / Alaska, United States. are hunted as trophies, and there is some selectivity for larger and therefore older animals. Alaska Peninsula, as elsewhere, accurate information on population size and trend is seldom available because of the expense and technical difficulties in obtaining it. This is a 15-day hunt for beautiful Brown Bear on the Alaskan Peninsula. Covid-19 has impacted many services and regulations, including hunting. Plains: 30%. If you would prefer to hunt in the fall, and are truly after a 10′ brown bear, you want to consider this hunt. 2022 Spring Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt: $28,000. Cabot runs a good camp and is a good guy. Location: Alaska. Fall hunts take place in October of odd years (i.e. I can't fault his effort. Package price. The area includes over 100 miles of coastline on the Pacific coast. With an abundant brown bear population, the Alaska Peninsula is a great place for coastal brown bear hunts. Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt. Kupreanof Peninsula Brown Bear 04-25-2010, 21:11. During fall hunts, we focus on finding trophy bear along salmon streams, as they eat to prepare for hibernation. The Alaskan Brown Bear is one of North America’s finest and majestic trophies. Operating since: 2013 year. Operating since: 1998 year. Territory size: 160,000 acres (220 sq miles) Languages spoken by staff: English. Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting Trip. Outfitter # 415. from . And as long as Alaskan brown bear hunting guides are … Alaska Wide Open Charters … I was kinda disappointed after his phenomenal success fall of 17. The Alaska Peninsula supports important brown bear population which are subject to intensive harvest pressure (Sellers and McNay 1984). Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear (Unit 9) Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunting is one of the few hunts in the world where “the good old days” is now! Our exclusive bear hunting area is approximately 550 square miles in size, over 352,000 acres. Wolf: No trophy fee. Unit 9 on the Alaska Peninsula has alternating hunting seasons with Spring in even years and fall in odd years. Fall Brown Bear Hunts on the Alaska Peninsula. AT THE END OF THE ALASKA PENINSULA, between Cold Bay and False Pass, Alaska is our unique trophy brown bear camp, home to some of the world’s largest brown bear! Pre-Hunt Checklist: File Size: 125 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a large bear species found across Eurasia and North America. We applied a rapid field protocol to a DNA‐based, mark‐recapture approach on a large and tightly bounded sample frame to estimate brown bear abundance. Entertainment services. 2011, 2013 etc.) Species: Brown Bear. Languages spoken by staff: English. Selectivity for larger bears could after several years reduce the number of larger bears to the extent that smaller bears on the average were being taken. Where you will stay. Non-hunter/Videographer: $6,000 per person. Spring hunts are only on even years (2018, 2020 ect.). By doing a little research before, you’ll find maximum success for Alaska Peninsula brown bear viewing through Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. Kodiak Brown Bear Peninsula Brown Bear If you are unwilling to wait on the Kodiak draw to obtain a coastal brown bear tag, and want a great bear hunt, I can arrange for us to hunt in Frank Sanders camps on the Alaska Peninsula for brown bear in the spring or fall. The Alaska Peninsula brown bear, or Ursus Arctos Gyas, is another subspecies of brown bear that lives along the coast in southern Alaskan peninsula. This outfitter offers one of the best trophy brown bear hunts on the planet. Camp. The areas we hunt include land within the National Wildlife Refuge System and a Native Corporation Land Lease. I'll get some pics up here and the story to follow when I've got some time to summarize my journal notes. Unit 14C and Unit 26B will remain “unchanged for future season.” “We looked at the hunt data for both of those areas and the hunt data indicated that majority of residents were the hunters there so they had the opportunity to actually hunt if they could make it work,” said Scott. Alaska Peninsula brown bears are the second largest type of brown bear in the world, only after the giant bears of Kodiak Island. Our Alaska Peninsula Trophy Brown Bear hunts are held in our sole-use guiding area, which offers a consistently large population of the finest coastal brown bear. Though this secluded bay is logistically expensive and difficult to get to, if you are looking for a huge, potentially … Success rate on 9-ft. + bears is unmatched. Hills: 40%. This hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula is the Rolls Royce of brown bear hunting. Here are our printable suggested pre-hunt list and hunt specific gear lists to assist you in preparing for your hunt of a life time. No knowledge of bear size. The brown bear population on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, has not been empirically estimated previously because conventional aerial methods over this heavily forested landscape were infeasible. But when he finally got to see the bear it was probably closer to 9' and he didn't shoot it. The goal is to produce bears of the largest possible size for sportsmen. The Alaskan Peninsula is a very strictly managed hunt area, which is why exceptional Brown Bears are harvested there. Fully guided (1X1), 7-day hunts, 2-travel days.