Activity: Squares to Stairs This activity invites students to explore patterns and make sense of how they see a pattern growing and how that gives them information to answer questions about the pattern. 9/5 - YouCubed Week of Inspirational Math - Week 2 Day 1 - Dot Card Number Talk and Drawing Squares in a Rectangle. predict how many squares there would be in the 4th and 5th case. This week, we will continue learning about how our brains grow and learn Math. Kids love using hands-on manipulatives to explore math concepts. For Me Math Class Is Like. I think the Week of Inspirational Math was an interesting experience for learning, making mistakes, and growing. Question 1. ... History: Chapter 1 - Our Nation's Geography. However, the problem was stating that there were 17 squares when 12 squares were visible. 4.) Next 2. Week of inspirational math. Physical Science. It's all about growth. In this activity we got an image of a shape with squares on them. When You Solve A Math Problem 3 Times. After A Math Test. Each activity took about forty minutes to two hours. Who The You Get 10 Times More Chicks Than Me. Making connections to the Week of Inspirational Math lessons Resource 3: Mapping to Week 3 2017 lessons Each year the team at youcubed design a Week of inspirational Math (WIM) with lessons for a range of grades. Week 1 Booklet - Week of Inspirational Math - Due 8/31/2018. Nov 5, 2013 - Square Root Perfect Squares Cubes Squares - 2 to 17. In the end we were left with the same amount of 6 squares. Squares to Stairs. Squares to Stairs Week of Inspirational Math. Inspirational math The point of the videos were to help students find different ways of solving a maths problem Day 1: strategies for learning mathematics, this video talked about drawing the problems out, sharing ideas, looking at new ways of seeing the problem, using resources to help and find the salution, and starting with a smaller case. Learn More Aug 24, 2018 Algebra 1 AC. The videos were from the Stanford University Math Department. Week of Inspirational Math Day 1 ... * Determine the fewest number of squares in a 12x15 rectangle * What is the size of a rectangle you can find using 9 squares? The goal for you was to find all the squares that it stated it had. Squares to Stairs we had to find a pattern and a equation to see how many squares fig 10 had and what figure had 190 squares and how many squares figure 55 had. This was one of the activity's that I did not get at first because I was like there is only this many squares. Week of Inspirational Maths "When students make a mistake in math their brain grows, synapses fire, and connections are made." You can learn more about using squares and cubes as visuals for deep understanding here. The question asked different things like if we agreed if there was - line segments and - squares to create the squares. Ask them where they see the extra squares in their We have been watching videos and exploring math problems. It was a good week to start us to use the Habits of A Mathematician. The purpose of this week's inspirational math week was to teach us all about how it's okay to struggle in math and how anyone can be a math person. Keep encouraging students to connect the numbers and visuals. We did four actives the entire week and each needed teamwork and brain power to figure out the activities. There was a diagram which was a rectangle and was separated into 12 squares. We had to agree or disagree but we had to explain our reasoning. Folding shapes. Inspirational Math #3 (“Squares to Stairs”) I See You’re Doing Your Math Homework In Pen. Throughout the duration of this week, we studied the benefits of making mistakes, embracing the struggle, and support in group work. Even though they have already thought about the hundredth case adding more rows to their table can help them see the functional growth in both the numbers and the shape. Squares To Stairs - YouCubed. In this part we had to do see the lowest amount of perfect squares we could fit into the rectangle. Fewest Squares (3) *What were some of today’s important take-aways? Making connections to the Week of Inspirational Math lessons Resource 2: Mapping to Week 2 2016 lessons Each year the team at youcubed design a Week of inspirational Math (WIM) with lessons for a range of grades. Every activity including the videos took about 60 minutes. An exapmple of having a growth midsent is beliveing that you can learn math to the best of your abilities. There were various videos designed to encourage students to try their hardest in math class and understand that they too can be "math people". Overall, the week of inspirational math was very interesting. Squares To Stairs Problem. With a tape measure, measure from 1 side of the stair tread to the other side.Round your measurement to the nearest foot (or meter, if you prefer metric measurements), and record the width measurement. Week of Inspirational Math. Through these team building exercises as well as individual work, we became comfortable sharing our ideas and collaborating with our peers. The week was basicaly to insprie students trough diffrent pieces of work troughout the week. Being able to accept being wrong is part of the process. Tiling a 11 x 13 rectangle. Me Learning Math. The first problem asked if we agreed with the statement presented. Nov 5, 2013 - Square Root Perfect Squares Cubes Squares - 2 to 17 .. In this activity we had to describe and articulate. Can you find more than one rectangle? After students have an opportunity to draw and describe how they see the shape changing they are ready to engage in group work and further study. On Tuesday we had a problem based on squares and stairs. Some started with small squares and some big. We were assigned a new problem everyday. Measure the width of 1 tread with a tape measure. Inspirational Math #3 (“Squares to Stairs", continue and wrap-up) VIDEO: Carl Gauss; No HW; Pre-Test TOMORROW; TEXTBOOK: (Read Around p. 323) Science Survey (1st unit questions and statements) No HW; Tuesday, September 12, 2016. 9/12/2016 0 Comments The purpose of this week’s investigation was to show students that you don't have to get the right answer every time to be successful in Maths. During the first two weeks of school, we have been exploring some important learning presented by Jo Boaler from Stanford University. Exit Card. Create. Squares to stairs, Painted cubes. Hailstone Sequence. On the fourth math problem sheet we worked on a problem called Square Mania. Every activity came with a video one to three minutes each. The lowest I found was 8 squares. Introduction This week in math we learned different habits of a mathematician. This Is The Guy From My Math Book. 9/6 - YouCubed Week of Inspirational Math - Week 2 Day 3 - Squares to Stairs. Saved from ... Free Printable Worksheets Math Worksheets Math Resources Printables Cc Cycle 3 Square Roots Classical Education Homeschool Math Curriculum. The tread of a stair is the horizontal part of the stair on which you step. In this week of inspirational math we watched 5 videos followed with 4 activities. Let's get inspired! They have now designed three ‘weeks’ of tasks over the last three years. - Jo Boaler, Stanford University . They have now designed three ‘weeks’ of tasks over the last three years. The Youcubed videos try to tell you that anyone can do math and that you can't grow if you just get the answer. Through the Dot Cards and the Squares to Stairs activities we learned how people saw the activities differently. Thinking about mathematical models in terms of squares and cubes is a great way for students to develop a strong conceptual understanding of a variety of math topics. Squares and Cubes. 3.) I was drawn to the problems and I actually did want to find solutions. During week 1, we completed the week of Inspirational Math by Jo Boaler. Week of Inspirational Math. The next part of that activity was trying to get the fewest amount of squares in a 11 by 13 rectangle. When You Confidently Answer An Equation. The purpose of week of inspirational math is to help students develop a growth mind set. Reflection: This week, I was eager to learn new things and to participate in class. The week of inspirational math was a mini project we did where every day, we did a new mini activity where we could practice our habits of a good mathematician. Doing this would start making a stair case that would get bigger every time. This is a great task. ... As a class we engaged in investigations such as "Hailstone sequence", "squares to stairs", and "fewest squares." This week in Mrs. Piper's Class (no homework for this week): Monday Math: What does it mean to be great at math? Friday Math: Squares to Stairs … It’s Some Kind Of Elvish. The square Mania activity was were in a figure there were a certain amount of squares and line segments in it and we had to find and show how there are as many squares as there are or line segments. Tiling an 11x13 rectangle is where we had to find the lowest amount of squares we could fit inside of the 11x13 rectangle. 9/4 - Labor Day NO SCHOOL. Throughout the week, our class focused on problems that challenged us creatively, as well as mathematically. During the first to second week of school we started a set of assignments called the Week of Inspirational math. The fourth activity was Square mania. 1. These habits are very important to have especially in math because … To introduce this task ask students to think on their own about how they see the shape growing. Video Descriptions: Strategies for Learning Math: In this video it talks about how people learn in different ways a different speeds. One day we tried to make different 3d shapes out of rope, other days we stacked pennies and figured out how many stacks of 3, 5, 6, and 9 we could make to equal 100. We learned how to have self confidence by understanding that making mistakes helps our brains grow. Ever Make Mistakes In Math. The purpose was to find the way we all approach a problem. This week we did four things in class we did 1. Week of Inspirational Math. The week of inspirational math is a week were we watch certain videos and conduct activities to help develop concepts that will help us conduct math in the future with maximum brain growth. Squares to stairs was another problem where we were given one square and for every step had to add a square to every side on the top row. Check out this HyperDoc (a HyperDoc is a lesson plan you follow at your own pace) and follow the instructions for each lesson! You had to look at this from many different ways to be able to find all the squares. Monday: Week of Inspirational Math (Jo Boaler Mindset Work) ----- Video: Believe in Yourself Activity: Squares to Stairs Week of inspirational maths.